The Temple of Rama Pir in Tando Allahyar Sindh
Some preliminary reflections related to it’s History, Architecture & Symbolism

The temple of Rama Pir is one of the third largest pilgrimage sites for the Hindus in Sindh. Situated in the heart of Tando Allayar in Sindh. This pilgrimage centre attracts thousands of local Hindus to express their devotions to their saviour deity. In the broader context of the ancient tradition of ‘sacred pilgrimage’ route in Indus Valley, this temple has still to attract scholarships on its various expressions; for instance, historical, architectural & symbolic. This entitled talk/seminar is an introductory attempt to explore some of the preliminary questions pertinent to these same expressions.

Every year in Badwaa, here the 3 days Mela arranged Ramapir Sheva Mandli. According to a legend, the original temple of Rama Pir is in Runicha, Rajistan (India). About 150 years ago, a man of Khatri community of Tando Allahyar took a vow that if he was blessed with a son, he will arrange the “Mela” (fair) of Rama Pir in Tando Allahyar Sindh.

History of Tando Allahyar Ramapir Mandir As the wish of this Khatri community man was fulfilled, he brought an earthen lamp from the original temple of Rama Pir in India to Tando Allahyar and built a temple here. After worshiping to “Shree Ramapir” his worship was fulfilled then he build this temple.

In the mela carrying “Dajja” (flags) in their hands, they recite “Bhajans” whole night sitting outside the city and early in the morning at 5:00am they hoist “Dajja” at the temple by dancing on the beat of drums and trumpets.

Thousands of devotees, including women and children, travelled on foot to pay homage to Rama Pir. They had brought flags which were hoisted at the temple.

Although Ramdev alias Rama Pir, a Hindu saint of19th century, was cremated in Rajasthan, but he had come to Tando Allahyar and his devotees had constructed a temple in his memory at the place where he had worshipped as far back as 1800. Since then, a fair is held at the Rama Pir temple by his devotees every year.

Tando Allayar Shri Ramapir Temple

AND Outher Tample In pakistan

Ramapir Temple at Chelhar, Tharparkar In Thar desert of Sindh, Pakistan

 Ramapir Temple at Kasbo, Nagarparkar in Thar desert of Sindh, Pakistan

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